Running Tip #2- Recovery

Why you may be getting Injured, feeling Tight or your Sporting Performance is Plateauing

Even though we are writing this article during the Running Series we are doing. It is very applicable to not only runners, but anyone wanting to live a healthy and active life without pain and injury. 

Why the need for Recovery…… I feel fine!

Your body is like a credit card. You can keep on with the spending and throwing the unopened statements in the bin, but eventually this spending will catch up with you. The same with training, if we keep the intensities high, and training/playing sport regularly without good recovery, eventually you will tighten up, get injured or your performances will plateau or even reduce.

When you start to feel that you are in need of a break, this is usually too late. This is why it is important to put regular Recovery Strategies into your routine. 

Does Recovery mean just stop training?

Recovery doesn't just mean stop playing/training. Yes de load weeks and periodisation of your training are important, however there are other easy strategies that can be added alongside your programme to keep you performing, training and being well. 

Rest and Digest and Fight or Flight

Without getting too scientific….. You have a system called the autonomic nervous system. This is working all the time without us knowing. There are two sides of this system, Fight or Flight and Rest and Digest. You should be able to switch into either side of this system when needed, and both are very important for optimal pain free health. 

Rest and Digest- This should be your default state. Here, your body can repair, recover, digest etc.. This side pays the credit card bills. 

Fight or Flight- This side was developed through evolution to protect you from danger. It is also the side you want to be in when training and playing sport. It provides speed, energy, alertness and fuel to thwart danger or perform at your maximum. 

This side does all the credit card spending. We can't live in this state all the time, something will burnout. 

The Switch

After a hard training session/game, you should switch back from a desired Fight or Flight state back into a Rest and Digest state. This will give you proper recovery, digestion, rest and repair ready for your next training session. 

However, it is very common for individuals to lose the ability to switch back to Rest and Digest. Long term low level stress (work stress, training stress, kids stress, bills stress and importantly body rigidity/tightness stress) can contribute to this. 

A good switch is linked to a high level of health and fitness,

whereas a poorly functioning switch is linked to stress, fatigue, injury and burnout


Techniques to help you switch into Rest and Digest

Here are a few techniques that are great at making sure you do switch into rest and digest mode, so you can maximise your Recovery when you are not training/playing sport. Not only will it help you reduce pain, recover from injuries and maximise performance. But it will also help with fatigue and anxiety if you are struggling with those. 

We will expand on these in our follow up article next week.  

  1. Proper Breathing Exercises
  2. Sleep
  3. Massage


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Edit: Here is a link to our follow up article