Common Injuries we see at Resilience Physio & Sports Injury Clinic

To learn more about common injuries we see at our Clinic, click on the relevant link below. We see many more injuries than this- if your specific injury isn't listed and you would like to see how we can help, please feel free to call us on 07842911104

ankle pain

Foot and ankle injuries

knee pain

knee injuries

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hip, groin & Muscle pain

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shoulder and elbow injuries

long standing pain

long standing or reoccuring pain

Common Ankle, Calf and Foot Injuries

There are many different causes of Foot and Ankle Pain. Plantar fascitis, Fat Pad Impingement, Heel Spurs, Achilles Tendinopathy, Achilles Rupture, Ankle Sprain, 'Shin Splints'. The list goes on! Here are 3 Common Injuries we see. 

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Achilles tendinopathy

Achilles pain is a common complaint we see. It is a frustrating injury that can be quite a lengthy recovery. 

It is vital that you get a proper in depth diagnosis and start loading the Achilles Tendon at the right levels, otherwise it will not improve, or you may even make the condition worse.

Click on the link below to read about Achilles Tendinopathy in more detail.  


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ankle sprains

An ankle sprain will more often than not, get pain free on its own. This is not how you should judge whether an ankle has fully recovered though. 

Without an adequate rehab programme that focuses on regaining full ankle mobility, balance, strength and jumping and landing ability, research suggest you are up to 80% likely to do it again. 

Click on the link to read about the importance of ankle mobility.

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metatarsal injury

Metatarsal Injuries are a common cause in foot pain.

They can either be an acute injury or an overuse injury.

We are experienced in designing a bespoke programme for each injury that is appropriate for you needs.

Below is an in depth article on Injuries to the 5th Metatarsal.

Common Knee Injuries

Knee pain is a very common complaint we see in our Physio and Sports Injury Clinic. Knee pain affects many different individuals with both sporting and non sporting backgrounds. Professional Athletes, young athletes, keen amateurs, individuals just starting training again, knee pain caused by years of sport and knee pain in the older individual.

We make sure your programme is bespoke for you and your goals. Here are 3 common injuries we see in our Clinic. If you have a different injury and want to discuss how we could help you- please feel free to Call Us on 07842911104

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mensicus injury

The meniscus cartilage plays a very important role in the knee joint. The meniscus functions in load bearing, force transmission, shock absorption, joint stability, joint lubication and joint congruity. 

Cartilage Injuries are a common injury we see in our Clinic, and we work with individuals who have had surgery and also those that do not require surgery.

Click below to learn more about the options you may have and how we could help you.  

runners knee

'runners knee'

‘Runners Knee’ is a vague term used to describe knee pain that comes on during a run.

Usually the pain starts on outside of the knee, or just underneath the knee cap. There are many different causes of this, and the majority of the time, the causes are not the knee itself.

Your training load, hip and ankle biomechanics, gait, strength, jump-land mechanics, even your arm swing can all contribute to ‘Runners Knee’.

When assessing a Runner, we look at all these factors.

Below is a link to our Recovery series we did for runners. 


Patella femoral pain

Patella Femoral conditions are one of the most common conditions encounter by Physio, Sports Therapists and Sports Medicine Professionals.

Pain around the front, above, behind, either side or below the knee cap can be classed as patella femoral pain.

This condition really needs an individualised approach. Below is a link to an in depth article about patella femoral conditions.