Our Principles

  • An Individualised Approach. We believe everyone deserves and individualised approach. We make sure we get to know you, your goals, your condition and your injury. This will help us build a bespoke programme to help you reach your goals. 


  • We have a friendly, upbeat, yet hard working approach to all our sessions.


  • We have a Passion for Physiotherapy, Sports Injury Rehabilitation and Fitness Training. This passion has taken us around the world to further our skills and learn from the from the brightest minds in the industry. Our recent trips to New York and Nebraska have transformed our approach to treating pain and injuries. We Promise to always deliver the most cutting edge and honest advice we can. 


  • Open door policy. We are always open to have a chat or email dialogue during your treatment programme to make sure you fully understand and are compliant with your Rehabilitation plan. 


  • Dedicated individuals. We are very dedicated to our Profession. We also demand all our clients are dedicated to reach their goals and better themselves as best as they can. We will help you all the way. 

 Our Experience

We are proud of the diverse client base we have built up.

Many different individuals use our facilities each day, from European Champions in their chosen sport to Grandparents wanting to play with their Grandchildren pain free again, and everyone in between.  

We all have over 10 years experience of working in our Profession, Assessing, Treating and Rehabilitating pain, injury and dysfunction. 

That's over 15,000 sessions each, so whatever your problem, the chances are we have successfully dealt with this many times before.



picture dom

Dominic Thompson

- Sports Injury Rehabilitation

- Optimising Movement Therapy

- Golf Injuries/Fitness


Ed Walsh

Ed Walsh

- Physiotherapy

- Sports Massage

- Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Our Facility

We have recently refurbished and updated our Urmston Clinic with new Gym and Rehabilitation equipment so we are able to bring you cutting edge Therapy, Rehabilitation and Fitness programmes. 

treatment room 2.jpg

Treatment room 

Our large Treatment Room has all the equipment needed for a thorough Physio or Sports Injury Assessment and Treatment. 

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sports injury rehab

We believe we have the best Rehabilitation Facility in Urmston that allows us to provide comprehensive Sports Injury Treatment, Rehabilitation and Fitness Training. 


hands on with rehab

We have a ‘Hands On’ emphasis to help you feel and move better. We blend this with functional mobility, stability and strength exercises to help you build Resilience.